Is it possible to buy tickets directly on the boat?



No. Buying tickets on board is prohibited by the Law.  To avoid disappointment we advise you to pre-book.

Where do I buy my tickets?

You can buy the tickets from our Corfu office (+30 26610 40372) or our Gaios Office (+33 26620 32131) or at the port office in Gaios.

In the Summer our designated Travel Agents will be able to help you:

  • Zefi Travel

Corfu Tel: 26610 40372

Paxos Tel: 26620 32114 Fax:32253



  • Paxos Magic

directly in Gaios

Telefon: +30 26620 32269 / 32440 / 32441

Fax: +30 26620 32122

E-Mail:  info@paxosmagic.com 

Reservations & Enquiries directly from the UK (free phone) 0800 9179409

Managing Director: Costas Grammatikos


  • GAIOS Travel

directly in Gaios

Telefon: +30 26620 32033 / 32621 / 32506

Fax: +30 26620 32175

E-Mail: gaiostrv@otenet.gr


  • ROUTSIS Travel

Lakka (Stadt im Norden von Paxos)

Telefon: +30 26620 31807 / 31129 / 31116


  • THALLASA Travel

Loggos (Paxos east side)

Panos Mastoras
Lefcothea Mastora
Loggos Paxos
Tel.:+30 2662031662
+30 2662031631
+30 2662031333
+30 6976944748

E-Mail: info@paxos-holidays.gr






Where does the ferry go?

 From Paxos (Gaios - New Port ) to Corfu (New Port – Setti Venti Café)  and from Corfu ( New Port – Setti Venti Café) to Paxos (Gaois – New Port).  

How much is the trip?

15.00 € per person/one way to/from Corfu

Your luggage is included in the fee.

How long does the trip take?

From Corfu to Paxos it is approximately 1:30 hours.

Is there a bar on board?

We do have a vending machine with coffee, soft drinks and beer. 

You can sit outside in the front or in the back. 

Smoking is only allowed outside.

How many passengers will it take?



95 Passengers are very welcome.

Does it go in the winter season?


Yes, we provide our services summer and winter but please note the different schedules.